an extract form the author’s autobigraphy]

I believe that the real face of Padamshree Dr. Syed Hasan is still not revealed to the Nation, nor even commonly to the public or the Government. It took me 15 years to unfold the reality that being a very intelligent man, how he deceived the teachers, the people of Kishanganj, as well as the Government. The main aspect is that he called for sacrifice and made billons … More than many times he had been found saying :

1. Maien tankhah nahien leta [ I never take salary] 2. Maien ne ghar ka paisa school mein lagaya hai [I have invested my own money in the school] 3. Qaum ki doopti kashti ko par lagana hai [We have to save the sinking ship of the Nation] 4.Qaum mehanat se banti hai [The Nation is build of labor] 5. Hamen imaandari sikhai gai [ We have been taught honesty] 6. Teachers yahan kamane ke liey aaien ahien qurbani dene nahien aaye haien [Teachers came here to earn not for sacrifice].

Can anyone say what the above statements mean? Not only the intelligent but an idiot can understand the meaning of these statements that Dr. Syed Hasan left America and came to remote area like Kishanganj to serve the Nation [Qaum] only because he wanted the Nation rise in the eyes of the world and for this great cause, he sacrificed everything. His life in America, his carrier in India, and everything which is expected by an educated man to achieve in his life.

If he invested his private money in the institution to whom then the institution is owned to?. What an irony?,..if somebody invests money in his own business and claims that he sacrifices for the Nation. Where is the lose then? If he loosed or sacrificed his life in America and worked for the Nation in a remote area like Kishanganj, in its return he owned hundreds of acres of Schools land worth billions of Indian Rupees and won the Pdamashree award from the Government of India for this sacrifice. What the teachers got in return? Has a single teacher ever been donated even a single squire meter of land from the school? Was their childrens carrier not put at stake? Had they not spoiled their childrens futurebeing a devotee for the cause of the Institution?

At the time of my joining when I saw the Director reciting the couplet of Allama Iqbal in the general staff meeting in rhythm twisting his whole body, I thought that he is talking about the sacrifice to the Nation[ Qaum].


In the mean time I became fond of him, because I had in my heart sowed from a long time, a profound love for the Nation [Qaum]. As soon as the time passed it revealed on us that the name of sacrifice has been taken only to exploit the mass emotionally. The parents, teachers, students, social institutions, government organization and the politicians were exploited by him emotionally, except men like Syed Shahabuddin [ex MP]. Everybody knew that Dr. Syed Hasan has built an institution for the Nation [Qaum]. Isnt it?

People like to say Qaum ki cheez hai kiyon barbad karte ho Syed Sahab jo karte hain karne do [ It is Nations..why you destroy it? Let Syed Sahab do what he likes to do?] Sometimes the folks say: Qaum ka Idara hai.chal raha hai chalne diya jaiis men kiya bura hai..Syed Sahab ne apni property bana liya hai koi baat nahien hi ..faaieda to Qaum hi ka hai [ It is the Institution of Nation. let we get it runwhat is bad in it.. if Syed Sahib has made it his personal property let him do..but only the Qaum is the beneficent.]

It is true that each and every good work ultimately serves the Nation. A shoe-maker works from morning to evening, he earns money for his family, he is serving the Nation. A farmer ploughs his field, he grows grains and vegetables, he earns money for his family he also ultimately serves the Nation. Every positive thing is the service to the Nation. Education is the best kind of service therefore naturally it is considered as the best kind of Service to the society and Nation.

In fact fault lies within us. When we hear the word sacrifice we look at the model personality of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who founded the famous Aligarh Muslim University. He worked for the Nation[ Qaum] and he did what he could. The Aligarh Muslim University is not a private property. It is not an experimental proprietary institution like Insan School [ these days Insan Group of Institutions] rather than it belongs to the Nation [Qaum], but when we look forward on the development of Insan School, we see that in the mind of the folks it exists as a National Property [Qaum ki cheez] but in the eyes of the law and its founder it is a proprietary institution. Folks still believe that it is a Qaum ki cheez [Qaumi asasa ] National property. Let them travel in fools paradise.

Owning property is not bad, but claiming for sacrifice all through the life and then making it of his own was certainly a preplanned deception with the Qaum. If a man like Dr. Syed Hasan could have tried his best to build a University he could have done it certainly. If a Minority Character University could have been built in concrete what Dr. Syed Hasan could have gained more than the prestige. On the contrary his family will inherit from him such a grand piece of land [ approximately 300 acres in 1994] that it can eat from it generation after generations. Bravo Dr. Syed Hasan . well done ! In this exercise failure is success not the success is success.

The recent discourse between Dr. Mohammad Sajjad, Lecturer Department of History Aligarh Muslim University and the intellectuals of AMU Alumni , to come forward to establish a distance education campus of the AMU at Kishanganj brought the cat out from the bag.

Dr. Mohammad Sajjad , Lecturer, History, Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh Wrote :

The AMU is comprehensively debating the idea of having distant campuses in different parts of India. While, the statutory restrictions/ ambiguities still remain to be clarified as to whether the AMU Act mandates us to go for such exercise. Statutory restrictions (if any) apart, this particular idea of the VC to have distant campuses is just extremely laudable.

By way of suggestion, it may also be proposed that the long standing Insaan School of Kishanganj, Bihar, may be requested to come forward in this exercise of having distant campuses of AMU. This particular institution [founded by Padam Shri, Syed Hasan], till 1980s, used to be a quality institution which has produced great luminaries like talented doctors, journalists and civil servants (some of them graduated from AMU itself). If the negotiation with the Insaan School materializes, then one great advantage with the AMU would be that it will not face the problem of procuring land as the Insaan School possesses sufficient land. We need not add that the 70% of the population of the district of Kishanganj comprises of Muslims, with painfully low degree of literacy. Of late, this historic institution has fallen into crises, it would therefore, be great if the recent exercise of AMU could rescue the institution from such crises.

Dr. Nadeem Zafar Jilani, MBBS (1994), MD (Paediatrics-98), MRCPCH, Paediatrician, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital , UK and an alumni of Insan School wrote:

I congratulate Mr. Sajjad for arguing the case for opening AMU’s distant education campus in Bihar. If AMU has to live up to the dreams of its founder and its constitutional responsibility to work for the educational advancement of Muslims of India under 5(2)(c) of the AMU Act, then Bihar and Bengal deserve most of its attention.

As rightly pointed out by Mr. Sajjad, Kishanganj being a bridge (situated at the border) between Bengal and Bihar and a district with largest Muslim population (outside Kashmir) which boasts of having a unique educational institution of its kind already there in the form of Insan School, will be an ideal choice.

Insan School , was founded by Dr. Syed Hassan who besides having been awarded Padam-shree has also been nominated for Noble Peace Prize in recent past. He is a great educationist of our times and has been a member of Central Advisory Board for Education in India. He was inspired by Sir Syed Ahmed khan and wanted to work for the upliftment of Muslims of India. After getting his Ph.D. in education at Southern Illinois University (US), in 1962, he became an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Frost burg State University, Maryland, where he also earned Instructor of the year award. In 1965 he left his illustrious career in USA to return to India and chose Kishanganj to start his educational experiment because of its size able Muslim population and educational backwardness.

He started an educational mission by the name of Taleemi Mission Core (Educational Mission Corp). His mission statement was “to produce educated people with all round development and not merely degree holders”. Insan School, Insan College and Insan Adult Education School which came out as a result of this mission are spread in a campus (called Shiksha Nagar) of about 120 hectares. The golden period of Insan School has been between 1970-1995 in which it was regarded the best School for overall personality development in the area attracting students from not only Bihar and Bengal but also from eastern UP , north eastern states and Nepal. During this period it produced hundreds of professionals including Civil servants, Doctors, Engineers and successful businessmen.

At that time people predicted it will be a future Muslim University.

Unfortunately due to lack of resources, no government funding and leg pulling (which is universal to all Muslim-run institutions) it saw many setbacks in recent past. However it still has the land, Infrastructure and a very trusted and credible leader (in the form of Dr. Syed Hassan). If AMU can open one of its distant campuses here, it will be a real tribute to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan as it was Sir Syed in the first place who inspired Dr. Syed Hassan to embark on his mission. Although himself not educated in Aligarh (studied in Jamia Millia) Dr. Syed Hassan is a true ALIGARIAN, better than many of us, who are just serving lip service to Sir Syed’s mission.

I appeal to EC, AMU court and honorable vice chancellor to establish formal contacts with Insan School which has always been a satellite campus of AMU in its spirit. It will help thousands of Muslim students of that region.

Now see the reactions and silly arguments of Saba Syed Hafeez, the elder son of Dr. Syed Hasan, residing in America, for not accepting the proposal:

Dear Alig Beraderi, AOA!,

Some 43 years ago, upon returning from US, INSAN’s founder Dr. Syed Hasan, had a vision of having a Kishanganj based (due to its strategic location) multi-centers institution throughout the India. The vision is still alive as part of our charter. However, then the idea was so radical that many thought of him being a spy or total nut. Due to limited circumstances, resources, and help, he concentrated his efforts in developing INSAN a unique and model educational and humanitarian institution which attracted people from Kerala to Kashmir, and whose alumni are now everywhere from Hyderabad to Harvard, and which changed the educational and social dynamics in the northeastern gateway of India.

In last 135 years or so we have done a pathetic job in spreading the education into the needy masses, particularly among Muslims. We should have at least ten campuses of AMU and another ten-fifteen institutions like AMU, and hundreds of colleges and thousands of schools by now. We all know that Sir Syed never envisioned this disastrous outcome.

Multi-Campuses, Distance Learning Centers, University Extensions, collaborations and help to others institutions and feeder educations, and opening feeder institutions. There are a host of the things which can be explored and implemented to fulfill the social need and Sir Syed’s dream by the likes of AMU, JMI, and Jamia Hamdard. The current initiatives and discussion are healthy signs of our awakening to the cause. And we salute the Vice Chancellor Prof. P.K. Abdul Azis for taking the lead. Last ten-fifteen years are also very encouraging as we witness more and more efforts in this regard throughout India. Dr. A. R. Kidwai Saheb’s effort to initiate the deemed university in West Bengal is extremely admirable. He had done similar sanction for the INSAN University in the past but due to the obstacle created by our own members of the community (alas), the initiative is still in pending stages.

When there is a will there is a way. The laws are made, amended, and changed over time to reflect the needs. Having AMU multiple campuses has nothing to do with affiliation. There are many engineering colleges in Delhi and Bombay and none of them are affiliated with IIT-Delhi or IIT-Bombay.

Creation of a university is a long process unless one is Leland Stanford, or gets help from person like him, or is totally backed by government generous funding and logistics. It took almost 50 years to evolved Sir Syed movement and Hakeem Saheb’s dream into AMU and Jamia Hamdard. Similarly Jamia Millia Islamia which started in 1920 finally became the central university in 1988. InshaAllah sooner we will start sooner we will get to our goals.

At INSAN we are open to the ideas. Our goal is not to become a branch of AMU but be part of the collaborative efforts to our collective cause. Definitely INSAN’s location being at the junction of Bihar, Bengal, Assam, Nepal etc, and the regions Muslim demographic will be a plus. Similar locations should be also considered in other part of the India, such as in the west and in the south.

I will like to thank Dr. Mohammad Sajjad Sahib, and Dr. Nadeem Zafar Jilani for considering INSAN School/College in this regard. May Allah accept our intentions and efforts! Saba Syed Hafeez, PUC 1979, INSAN Foundation, Los Angeles, United States of America.

After the above comments of Saba Syed Hafeez is there any doubt that the Insan School and Insan College is not the property of Qaum rather than a grabbed private property snatched from the mouth of the Qaum with a long term deception. Is it fair for Saba Syed Hafeez to suggest some other place in South India rather than in Bihar for the Distance Education Centre of the Aligarh Muslim University. Does his suggestion protects the interest of the people of Kishanganj and Biharor it beautifully safeguards his personnel interest?. [ contnued………] XXXXXXX

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